Owning a property is a big undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. With MPG’s advisory services, you can smoothly transition to the next property you are meant to own with less stress and tremendous rewards. Since 2006, MPG has been in the business of buying and operating multifamily properties in Dallas-Fort Worth. We are now offering this same level of comprehensive service and expertise in the form of fee-based advisory services to help our high-wealth clients confidently move large, nest-egg level capital into a landlord-friendly Texas market, striking the ideal balance of upfront cash flow and long-term equity appreciation.

Strategize Investment Goals

If you have just sold a property or have significant capital, and are looking to move that investment, we help take the burden off of your shoulders. This includes putting the right business structure in place to preserve your 1031 Exchange and identifying target markets and asset classes for the purchase. MPG also works closely with you to identify your long-term goals for your investment.

Identify Target Asset

With over a decade of experience buying and operating multifamily properties in Dallas-Fort Worth, we do the work of identifying target markets and asset classes for your purchase. We locate, underwrite, and close on the property that will best achieve your personal goals.

Property Repositioning

We always have your financial best interests in mind. We make careful, educated decisions when suggesting ways to renovate and add value to your multifamily property, transforming it into a community that your tenants will be proud to call home. We want you to feel that as an investor and property owner, you are doing both good for your community and doing well in your investment.

Property and Asset Management

We carry out your business strategy, performing all of the day-to-day heavy lifting for you with our in-house team of vertically-integrated property specialists. From collecting rent to handling maintenance to customer service, we offer a turnkey, low-stress experience in property ownership.

Reporting and Transparency

You have full control over major financial decisions. Because we operate like a full service investment firm, we make it our priority to keep you informed every step of the way with our fully transparent reporting approach.

Ongoing Strategic Planning

We continuously watch your assets with your wealth and prosperity in mind. From suggesting additional property features to a possible exit strategy, we make it our priority to help you come out on top.