How The Post-Pandemic Economy Will Impact Multifamily in 2020

Worries over pandemic driven cliff drop in rent collections have not happened so far. But what’s in store for the second half of 2020? This week we welcome back to the show Paul Hendershot, Director of Market Analytics for Costar, about how the post-pandemic economy will impact multifamily in the second half of 2020. CoStar […]

How Will Workforce Real Estate Be Impacted by COVID19

National data suggests that workforce apartment owners are seeing a higher rate of rental collection loss early in this downturn. This week we talk with Andrew Reichert and Daniel Croce of Birgo Capital about how the COVID19 related slowdown is impacting their business and what steps they took early on to understand the economic makeup […]

How Your Property Management Partner Can Help You Survive COVID19

With over 1 in 5 workers now unemployed and struggling to pay rent, a great property manager can help your multifamily business survive. This week we welcome back Ryan Wehner, Owner of Wehner Multifamily to discuss how he’s helping his owners maintain great resident relationships while maximizing rent collections and keeping expenses in check. Specializing […]

How to Asset Manage an Apartment Property in a Downturn

Now more than ever, proper asset management is critical to your survival as a multifamily property owner. This week we talk with Boris Liubovitch and Albert Baranchuk of WGI about how they are asset managing a 1200 unit portfolio of apartments through this developing economic downturn. Watch this episode to learn: How to minimize expenditures […]

How to Navigate an Economic Downturn in the Apartment Business

COVID-19 has every landlord scrambling to prepare an upcoming financial storm. This week we talk with Jason Yarusi of Yarusi Holdings about the steps he’s taking as an apartment owner to prepare for an economic downturn. Jason’s company currently owns a portfolio of 800 units. Watch this episode to learn: Four parameters you must monitor […]

How to Maximize Depreciation Tax Benefits on Your Apartment Property

Given these wild economic times, it’s more critical than ever to preserve every dollar you can in business. This week we talk with Bill Smith of ELB Consulting about how you can maximize depreciation tax benefits at your apartment property and keep more money in your pocket. Bill helps real estate investors and developers reduce […]

Top Things You Must Do Before Investing in a Syndication

With an economic downturn looming, do not invest in a real estate syndication without listening to this advice. This week we talk with Jeremy Roll, Founder and President of the Roll Investment Group about the top things you must do before investing in a real estate syndication. Why listen to Jeremy? For the last 18+ […]

How to Quickly Scale Your Company By Hiring Amazing Talent

Many real estate investors struggle to go from an individual contributor to a company owner. This week we talk with Ivan Barratt of Barratt Asset Management about how he successfully built a $300M AUM real estate syndication company from the ground up by hiring amazing talent and getting out of their way. Watch this episode […]

How to Passively Invest Your Way Out of a Hi-Tech Job

Is it possible to passively invest your way out of a high income technology job? This week we talk with Brad Perry about how he successfully retired from a 30-year career as a microprocessor engineer by creating multiple passive income streams in real estate syndications over the course of 8 years. Watch this episode to […]

How to Quickly Size a Loan On An Apartment Property

Getting debt quotes from commercial lenders can take days to weeks. Learning to ballpark your own loan sizing using simple lending guidelines will give you a headstart on the competition. As part of a two episode series from last week, we talk with Lane Beene, owner of Pilot Properties and Spencer Burton, creator of the […]