Investing in real estate can feel like a leap into the unknown, but with MPG’s proven investment formula, it doesn’t have to. MPG removes the guesswork and takes on all the hard work of identifying and rehabilitating sound multi-family investment properties, with a focus on the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This service is geared towards high-net worth investors looking to access a pooled investment that provides a true ownership stake while delivering ongoing tax-advantaged cash flow, without the hassles of doing it on your own. Our process includes making capital improvements, managing properties, building a profitable business—and finally, selling the property and sharing the equity with investors. For over a decade, our expert team and proven formula has kept our investors financially secure and provided them with peace of mind above all else. Our Syndication Services investing model includes the following steps:

Identify Target Asset

The process begins by identifying the right kind of underperforming
properties. Each project is a hand-picked location optimized for growth and
affordability. We don’t just renovate properties, we build businesses.

Property Repositioning

We always have your financial best interests in mind. We make careful, educated decisions when suggesting ways to renovate and add value to your multifamily property, transforming it into a community that your tenants will be proud to call home. We want you to feel that as an investor and property owner, you are doing both good for your community and doing well in your investment.

Property & Asset Management

We don’t just renovate and refurbish; we’re in the business of long-term performance. Properties in need of rehab tend to come from inefficient prior ownership, so we assume full management of our assets from day one with a qualified, fully integrated team.

Generate Ongoing Returns

Once we’ve built a business that works, we retain control of operations for 5-12 years. As our investment pays off, we share this long-term ownership value—and ongoing cash flow—with our investors. As our partner, you enjoy a modern, empowering investor experience: a secure web dashboard, quarterly meetings that stream in HD, and a policy of end-to-end transparency—so you always know exactly how your investment is performing.

Sell & Repeat

A profitable management period ends by selling the asset for a final equity gain. After a last round of investor compensation, there is the additional opportunity to reinvest in a new location and value play. Because customer demand never stops evolving, there will always be properties in need of our help.