How to Protect Your Multifamily Assets in a Downturn

Are your multifamily investments at risk in these uncertain times?

Apartment properties have shown great resilience in this recession. But there are signs of stress in the market. Average occupancies are down and rent growth has stalled. Meanwhile extended unemployment benefits ended and the economic recovery is losing steam with a big election around the corner.

What should you do to secure your market position right now?

Today JC Castillo and Paul Peebles review (5) simple things any apartment operator can do to protect their downside. They have both been through prior recessions as apartment operators, lenders and investors and have seen these tips pay off big time.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • Simple rule of thumb for increasing operating reserves
  • Why customer experience matters more in a downturn
  • Should you be upgrading your units right now
  • Why higher occupancy trumps higher rents
  • How to use real time data to drive faster decisions

Get Smart and Invest Smarter with the Apartment Investor Show where JC Castillo and Paul Peebles interview top industry experts and discuss current market trends, investment strategies and fundamental concepts to help you make smart multifamily real estate investments.

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