How to Find the One Neck to Choke in Real Estate Syndications

Thinking of making a passive investment in a multifamily syndication but not sure if it’s a good deal?

Determining a good deal from a bad one should always start with finding the one neck to choke in every syndication.

In today’s episode, we cover the (5) functions in every real estate syndication, (3) basic syndication models, what role your sponsor plays and how to quickly identify who is responsible for successful execution.

Get Smart and Invest Smarter with the Apartment Investor Show where JC Castillo and Paul Peebles interview top industry experts and discuss current market trends, investment strategies and fundamental concepts to help you make smart multifamily real estate investments.

JC Castillo is an ex-techie turned real estate investor who’s profitably navigated through a full market cycle. In 2006 he founded Multifamily Property Group, a vertically integrated private equity firm focused on large scale value-add apartment properties in select US markets. Learn more about Multifamily Property Group at:

Paul Peebles has been arranging real estate financing for borrowers and institutional clients since 1987. Mr. Peebles is the National Underwriter at Old Capital, underwriting and structuring all transactions handled by the company. Learn more about Old Capital at:

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