How Will Workforce Real Estate Be Impacted by COVID19

National data suggests that workforce apartment owners are seeing a higher rate of rental collection loss early in this downturn.

This week we talk with Andrew Reichert and Daniel Croce of Birgo Capital about how the COVID19 related slowdown is impacting their business and what steps they took early on to understand the economic makeup of their tenant base so they could better predict future performance. Birgo Capital is an owner-operator of B & C class multifamily properties in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metro with 1500 units and $120M in Assets Under Management.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • Why studying local market trends is more important than reviewing national data
  • What rent collections were like for Mar & April & May
  • How stimulus payments have impacted rent collections
  • Why in-house management can be advantageous in this market

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