Rent Control and Other Market Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Housing affordability has reached crisis levels across the nation. Are you prepared for the potential impacts to your rental real estate?

With limited supply and rising rents, we are seeing a growing trend of state and local governments enacting legislation to limit the cost of housing. It’s starting in the most progressive states and spreading from there.

This week we talk with Nat Kunes, Senior Vice President of AppFolio Investment Management, about rent control and other market trends to look out for in 2020. Nat is a recognized leader in the property management and real estate investment industry and is a contributor on the Forbes Real Estate Council. His team at AppFolio provides software solutions to investment management companies.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • What impacts government legislation will have on real estate owners
  • Which states are already implementing rent control and where it’s likely to happen next
  • How this legislation will affect investment strategies
  • What investors can do to come out ahead

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