Agency Debt & The $200B Update You Need to Know About

Strong liquidity in the capital lending market is essential to a healthy real estate industry.

After a rocky past 90 days, FHFA made a huge announcement on Sep 13 that will impact nearly 50% of all US multifamily loans moving forward.

Watch this episode to learn more about the $200B update for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what it means for your next apartment project. We’ll also cover the unknowns and risk points that still remain.

Joining the show today is Fritz Waldvogel, Vice President of Dougherty Mortgage, one of only twenty-five Fannie Mae licensed DUS lenders in the nation.

Get Smart and Invest Smarter with the Apartment Investor Show where JC Castillo and Paul Peebles interview top industry experts and discuss current market trends, investment strategies and fundamental concepts to help you make smart multifamily real estate investments.

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