National Apartment Update for Q3 2019

Want to know where the smart money is going in multifamily?

RealPage Chief Economist Greg Willett is one of the most sought after Apartment Economists in the nation and apartment bankers, developers and investors all listen when he talks. We interviewed Greg to discuss the state of todays apartment market.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • Are we headed into a ‘recession?’
  • What should an apartment investor do in a slowing job growth economy?
  • What areas of the country have seen the greatest rent growth?
  • Several regional areas with lower job growth and occupancy concerns
  • Challenges that new rent control laws in New York will have on stabilized apartments and the investors that own them

Get Smart and Invest Smarter with the Apartment Investor Show where JC Castillo and Paul Peebles interview top industry experts and discuss current market trends, investment strategies and fundamental concepts to help you make smart multifamily real estate investments.

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